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  • Posted on: Feb 28 2019
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mouthguard | Newton, MAWith the recent Super Bowl, the football season is officially over. But in Massachusetts that just means we’re primed for a long run with the Bruins to the Stanley Cup!

What’s one thing all of those pros (for the most part anyway) have in common? They’re all wearing sports mouth guards.

That would be a good clue for you parents (and weekend warriors alike) to include mouth guards when gearing up for the next seasons of contact sports.

Why a mouth guard?

But mouth guards are a pain, right? It’s hard to talk to teammates about strategy, and they’re always getting in the way, right?

Not really. Plus, the American Dental Association, guardians of all things teethy, recommends that all kids have sports mouth guards. The ADA estimates that their use prevents over 200,000 oral injuries every year. The problem is — 84 percent of kids playing sports don’t wear mouth guards if they aren’t required to wear them. And dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury in sports.

All young athletes benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard. They not only save the teeth from damage, but they help protect the jaw, as well. There is some evidence that mouth guards even lessen the chances of players receiving concussions, although more research needs to be done to better understand this.

Types of mouth guards

There are three types of mouth guards: stock, boil-and-bite, and custom-made. Custom-made mouth guards are considered to be the best option, as they fit precisely and comfortably, making the child more likely to wear them in the first place.

We make custom sports mouth guards for our patients at Cosmetic Dentistry Center. All we do is take a quick impression and we then use it to create the mouth guard. They’re usually ready the next day, just in time for the big game!

Do you or your child need a sports mouth guard? Or is it time for your regular exam and professional cleaning with Dr. Walk or Dr. Bamel? Call us at (617) 965-7673 to make your appointment.

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