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What Is a Smile Design?Smile Design Boston | Newton MA

Upgrade your teeth and frame them with beautiful lips. Dr. Walk  uses Smile Design to do just that. Using a variety of cosmetic procedures including veneers and crowns, your Boston-area cosmetic dentist can create beautiful smiles for our patients. Smile Design begins with visualizing the old smile and creating the new smile.

How can we change your life by changing your smile?

By acquiring the smile of your dreams your self confidence level reaches the high notes! Dr. Walk has provided new smiles for many thankful persons from all phases of business, performing arts, sales and on and on.

Dr. Walk is a top cosmetic dentist, AACD trained, who has the experience, skill, artistry, and technical knowledge to perform smile lift makeovers for patients who require extensive aesthetic work.

The “smile lift” is a combination of veneers, tooth whitening, lip enhancement and more. Smile Design Boston | Newton MA

Smile Design Before & After

Smile Design Before Smile Design Before

Smile Design After Smile Design After

Subtle, but beautiful! Actual Patient Includes veneers and crowns. Notice lip line follows teeth line

Lip Enhancement – the framework of the Smile

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