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erase years  and Rejuvenate your Face

Feel the tension leave your face and reveal a more relaxed (gone is the angry) look. Muscles become less tense and wrinkles subside since it’s the tight muscles that cause wrinkles!  Our goal is relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles. One the wrinkles are reduced, Dr. Walk will re-evaluate and carefully place fillers in key areas to regain the missing fullness. As we all know, as we age our face loses collagen, elasticity and some of the underlying tissue fat. Sort of like letting air out of a balloon!! Along comes that ‘crepe’ look of facial skin.

How Does Facial Rejuvenation Work?

Facial rejuvenation works by utilizing fillers to the upper cheeks adding volume and giving a lifting to sagging lower face.  It’s almost a miracle that small amounts of filler produce such a positive effect. The effects last from 1 to 1 and 1/2  years depending on which fillers are placed. A subtle high cheek enhancement will lightly lift and smooth while helping to flatten under eye crepiness.  Dr. Walk also places silky filler in lips and nasolabial folds. The lower corners of the mouth are also enhanced.  Click here to download Dermal-Filler-Pre-Instructions

Dr. Walk methodically builds by subtle enhancements

This is not a one visit procedure.  Building over several office visits a little at a time is best for our patients. Our motto , ” Less is More” seems to be the best approach  to a gradual positive change.

subtle Facial enhancement By Dr. Edward Walk

Dr. Walk offers an array of dermal fillers to acquire the best lip enhancement results. We currently offer the following:

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