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About the AACD Charitable Foundation


The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF) assists in rebuilding the smiles and lives of adults who’ve suffered dental injuries from domestic and sexual violence, through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs.


Restore a smile, Restore a life.

Give Back a Smile

The Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program launched May 27, 1999. Since then, AACD member dentists, dental laboratories, and other dental professionals have volunteered their time and expertise pro bono. They restore the damaged smiles of more than 1,500 survivors of intimate partner violence for a total dollar value of more than $15 million.

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AACD Give Back a Smile | Newton MA AACD Give Back a Smile | Newton MA

Core Values

In carrying out our mission, interacting with our volunteers, donors, GBAS program applicants and Foundation staff, the AACDCF embraces the following values:

Integrity: We approach all situations and stakeholders with respect and transparency. We uphold the highest level of moral and ethical standards. We respect the confidential nature of our GBAS patient work and actively strive to protect program applicant information.

Generosity: Our success depends on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters. We foster a culture that honors and recognizes those who make our work possible.

Peace: We believe that everyone deserves to live a life that is free of danger and violence. While we work to heal the effects of domestic violence, we also strive to promote awareness about domestic violence in hopes of stopping it.

Compassion: We have a strong desire to provide our services in a caring and empathic manner by actively working toward understanding what our program applicants have survived.

Compliance: We recognize that the organization operates in a regulated environment by virtue of its tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and are conscious of the need to comply with the constraints and obligations of that status.

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